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About Our Place

We are part of Kota-Saligrama inner wheel club, this club has women members from local towns Kota and Saligrama. 
Kota and Saligrama are small towns on the coastal belt of Udupi district in Karnataka. Arabian sea is just about 1 km west of the towns. Beautiful and clean beaches are one of the popular attractions among the tourists. 
The famous Jnanapith Award winner Kannada novelist, writer and artist Dr. Shivarama Karanth hails from Kota. We can see memorials and museums built to preserve the work of late Dr. Shivarama Karanth in his home town Kota and Saligrama. “Shivarama Karanth Theme park” or “Karantha Bhavana” is located in Kota, Udupi district, not only showcases the rich legacy left behind by Dr. Karanth, but also provides a great platform for local art forms such as yakshagana, music etc. Saligrama, where Dr. Shivarama Karanth spent his final years,  also has memorials built in his name. “Dr.Shivarama Karantha Ranga Ratha” and “Dr.Shivarama Karantha Smrathi Chitra shale (school of art) “ are the notable ones that attract aesthetes. 
Kota and Saligrama present many beautiful, serene temples to the devotees. Shri Guru Narasimha temple in Saligrama and Mahaligeshwara in Kota to name a few.
Saligrama is a home for the unique spiritual center “Divine Park”. The center offers several platforms for spiritual development inspired by the thoughts and work of Swami Vivekananda. It also offers regular yoga and spiritual workshops popular among locals and visitors from far.

About Club

A brief description about our club--Kota Saligrama Inner wheel club was established in 14-10-1997 and was registered officially on 26-01-1999. The club has grown a lot since then, it has 20 members at present. We have added one new member this year. We meet regularly once in a month to brainstorm ideas for local welfare projects. We are fortunate to have the members that are committed and involved in all the meetups and projects.
Our club members also enthusiastically participate in large percentages in Inner Wheel Conferences, Assemblies and Rallies. The president of the local Municipal office is also a member in our club which helps shape our projects on local issues. 
Our inner whee club invites and collaborates with neighboring clubs for ceremonial programs such as yearly installation of the club and chairman visit. 
Our club's noteworthy moments--Our club has lent a helping hand to a local organisation that provide shelter and education to specially abled kids by providing financial and volunteering.Apart from working with the organisations we have identified and raised funds to support some of the physically handicapped individuals who have risen above their physical limitations. Our club celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018. We had organized district level Rangoli competition in Shri Guru Narasimha temple to mark the special anniversary. Rangoli program was received very well by the local community. We had about 130 participants who enthusiastically took part in the competition. It was a grand success and memorable because of the energy and time spent by all the club members.
We eagerly look forward to celebrating the 25th anniversary or Silver Jubilee in 2022. We hope to make it a huge success and memorable event in the history of our club.