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About Our Place

Mysore is a cultural city of India Mysore is a calm, quiet and cleanest city and is located geographically in a most appropriate location with good weather condition.

Mysore is the Tourist Hub of South India with major tourist spots, which are world famous .to name a few Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills, KRS Dam,Chamaraja Zoo, Lalitha mahal palace, Sriranga patna and many more.

Mysore has etched its name in many unique products, flowers such as Mysore Silk Sarees, Mysore jasmine, Mysore pak, Mysore Toys, Mysore Peta etc.

Mysore is surrounded by many ancient temples considered to be very powerful pilgrimage centers such as Nanjangud Nanjundeshwara Temple, Sriranganatha Temple at Srirangapatna , Nimishamba Temple, Chamundeshwari Temple etc.

Though our city is fast developing in every aspect of life, Mysore remains the best seat of Education with our Mysore University as one of the oldest university in India which has churned many great Scholars. Yet Mysore remains a pensioner’s paradise with good weather and peaceful life.

About Club

Our prestigious club the Inner wheel club of Mysore South East was formed on 24-02-1992 and Charter was presented on 01-07-1992 with 12 charter members .Our club is proud to have two PDCs PDC Mrs. Geetha Dwarki and PDC Mrs.Vinitha Sathish. The theme for the formation year was Understanding, with Charter President Mrs.Loretta Pinto and Charter Secretary Mrs. Geetha Dwarki.

The cherish able moments of our club are many, to name a few

1. The first club Roaster was released by incoming District Chairman Mrs. Kripalani Urs in the year 1994-95 with Mrs. Anuradha Urs as President.

2. Conducted two Fund raising events a Music and Dance Competition and a sale of T-shirts and snacks for the first time in the year 1996-97 with Mrs. Shylaja Prabhakar as President.

3. Released a voice of Inner wheel Mysore South East “VANITHA” bulletin for the first time in the Year 1999-20 with Mrs. Poornima Dwarkanath as President who also served as President for 3 years.

4. Our PDC Mrs. Vinitha Sathish received the Outstanding District Treasurer Award from Association level in the year 2009-10.

5. Rs. 100000 was donated towards Karnataka State Relief Fund and Mysore citizen forum with Mrs. Leela Prabhuram as President.

6. Art by Mrs. Shubha Muralidhar President 2020-21 is printed on the cover page of District Directory for the year 2021-22” Suchike” and also her talent is recognized in the National Souvenir SERVING TOGETHER 2020-21.

7. Along with all these we are proud to have many talented members who have won many awards in gardening, singing, poetry, rangoli etc.