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About Our Place

Sringeri is a Temple town located amidst the beautiful Sylvania of Western Ghats. Situated on the banks of river Tunga, The Place derived its name from the hill Rushyshrunga Giri. Sringeri is Home of Sharadha Peetham, established by famous sage Adi Shankaracharya,founder of Advaita Philosophy. Thousands of devotees all around the world visit the place to seek blessings of Sharadamba, Goddess of Learning and Wisdom. Holy Place is surrounded by beautiful farms where arecanuts and Black Pepper are majorly harvested.

About Club

Date of Formation - 02/02/2003

Date of Registration - 29/05/2003

Charter Number - 5206

Inaugurated by - Mrs. Malini Hebbar

Charter Presented by - Mrs.Chandrika Raghu

In 2002, Club was formed under the guidance of IWC Thirthahalli and was sponsored by Rotary Club Sringeri. IWC Sringeri was started by 18 Charter members,Mrs.Poornima Siddappa and Mrs.Lakshmi Jairam being the Charter President and Charter Secretary respectively. Club has Successfully finished 18 years of fruitful service to society. In this span, IWC Sringeri has contributed in various fields of community,Specially on Medical,Education and Women empowerment activities. Club has also hosted District Rally successfully during 2008 -2009 during the tenure of Mrs.Shalini Nayak, then District Chairman. Currently, IWC Sringeri has 27 active members who are equally enthusiastic to contribute to society.