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About Our Place

Kushalnagar is a city located in the Kodagu district of Karnataka state of India. Surrounded by Kaveri river,  it is the gateway of the Coorg district. It also serves as the headquarters of Kushalnagar Taluk. By population , Kushalnagar is the  third largest town in the district after Madikeri and Virajpet. Kushalnagar is an important commercial centre in Kodagu.

Kushalnagar’s name translates as ‘Town of gladness’ It I so called because of a local legend about a Mysore sultan, Hyder Ali, who received news of his son’s birth here. Use the town as a kick-off point for thrilling adventures farther afield.

Visit Harangi Dam, a huge reservoir and popular picnic spot that’s only a few minutes from the town. Stroll along the paths and camp overnight in the picturesque surrounds. The Chiklihole Dam is also worth a visit, although it does not have camping amenities. Keep watch for partridges, kingfishers and woodpeckers that frequent the forests around the banks.

Enjoy the natural charms of Kaveri nisargadhama, a 64acre (26 hectare) forest resort that is a 45 minute walk from town. The resort is located on an island in the

Center of The Kaveri river and can only be accessed via a suspension bridge. Go boating around the island, swim in cool waters and try elephant riding with local operators.

Visit the Dubare Elephant Camp to learn more about these gentle giants. Watch the magnificent creatures being bathed and fed by their keepers, who are called manhouts, and stay overnight in homely cottages. The camp also has great opportunities for trekking and fishing by the river. Find the best angling spots nearby at the Valnur Fishing Camp. Those up for some thrilling fun can take a river rafting tour.

In addition to nature, experience some of Kushalnagar’s cultural charms. Discover a Tibetan settlement at the Golden temple, a Buddhist monastery. Meet stoic monks and stop by the temple altar to see lavish displays of flowers, candles and incense sticks, left as tributes. Admire the temple’s jaw-dropping 40-foot (12-meter) golden statues of Buddha.

About Club

Inner Wheel club of Kushalnagar is 7 years old with an association of members united by a common interest of Service and Friendship. Our Club belongs to IWDistrict 318, Charter No. 6263, started with 18 members, now grown to 29 members currently.

Our club is moving forward in service, celebrates Friendship and actively participates in District Events and Competitions.

Important moments and milestones that added pride and honor include major projects like:-

ASHAKIRANA 24 children provided educational expenses, Happy school for 3 years consecutively, Nation Builder Awards to 15 teachers given for 3 years consequently, Friendship basket an ongoing project from last 5 years, VANAMAHOTSAVA, Old age Home (Food day and free health check up) and Breast feeding awareness program - on going projects since last 7 years. Healthy Baby contest, Flood Relief Programs during Kodagu Disaster, Adoption of girl child under Mamta Mission, Mamta Mission awareness week. Installation of IW Pole. Covid Awareness and Protection measures by providing Slogans, Sanitizers, Masks, Thermal Scanners etc. Every year Supporting disabled through free artificial limbs, Hearing Aid, Wheel Chair Etc.

Promoting Inner Wheel through Media - Social and Print and Club Bulletin (Lopamudra)

Club is very active with successful projects and recognized by local people with much appreciation.