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About Our Place

Padubidri or Padubidre or Padubedre in Tulu language is a small town in coastal district of Udupi in Karnataka state, India.
Padubidri is on the way from Udupi to Mangalore route. National Highway 17 (now NH 66) passes through Padubidri. Padubidri is famous for ritual Dakkebali, which is held every two years. This ritual is held in odd series of years 2005, 2007 and so on. The Nandikoor thermal power plant also known as Udupi thermal power plant is nearby. Padubidri has a large Tuluva ethnic group followed by Konkanis, Beary and Urdu population. 
Important Places
Padubidri Brahmasthana, Muhiyuddin Jumma Masjid Padubidri, Padubidri Bala Ganapathi Temple, Sri Subramanya Temple, Padubidri beach, Padubidri end point, Nandikoor Thermal Power Plant, Sri Venkataramana Temple, Mahalingeshwara Temple

About Club

Inner wheel club Padubidri under district chairman Bharathi Chandrashekhar and President of  Rotary Club Mr. Madhava Suvarna was established in 2005. Mrs Sudha M Suvarna was the Charter President and Mrs. Sevanthi Sadashiva was the secretary during the establishment with a total member of 13. which is now increased to 20 members. We have a moving towards 16th year and moving ahead conducting all social related work and helping towards the society