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About our town Birur

is a small town located in Kadur taluk in Chikkamagalore district. Nearby our town we have Kallathi falls, Kemmanugundi, Amrutha pura temple and surrounded by Madagadhakere and Aiyyankere Lakes. Our land is semi Malenadu, there are temples dedicated to Guardian deity Veerabhadra swamy and Village deity Antaraghattamma. The specialty of this peaceful and beautiful land is Historical Veerabhadra swamy temple, The temple was built according to Vijayanagara and Chalukyas architecture. The temple main Gateway is of Chalukyas architecture and Sanctuary (Garbhagudi) is of Vijayanagara architecture. Around 400 years back the devotees were shifting the statue of God from Vijayanagara, Nearby water channel the chariot wheel brokedown and the devotees decided to build a temple on same place. The chariot wheel and shaft still exist in the temple as a proof. Behind this temple the Umamaheshwari and Bhadrakali goddess temple also there, Rathotsava is held every year on March month for 9 days in a grand manner like Dugalaseve and okuli also celebrated in grand manner, People of every corner of Karnataka witness this celebration. Birur also famous for its Dasara celebration, historically famous Sri Milaralingeshara karnikotsava held after the invitation from Virabhadra. Birur’s all community worship god Veerabhadra swamy, as name suggest that he is angry and ugra swaroopi that’s why this place is also called as Rudrabhumi or Rudrapatana. Birur is also famous for its Arecanut/Supari plantation and coconuts. In our Birur we have “Kannada yuvaka sangha” which is established 50 years back and since then they are doing social activities like Health camp and Public service, they also run 3 schools, fair price shop and they also conducted national level volleyball and Ball badminton.

About our Club

All Innerwheel club friends on behalf of Innerwheel club Birur. We would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes. Here we are going to explain about history of our club, our club came into existence in 1997 with the help of ex-president Mr. Nagaraju. And with the help of senior member Prema shivaswamy’s dream our club established. our club was inaugurated by ex-chairman Mrs. Kamala Manjunath dated back in 25/11/1997. Character presentation dated 16/12/1998 was presented by Dr. Geetha Ravikumar. Character num : 4849 Chamarajanagara Inner wheel club team spencer our club. Mrs. Anusuya Sriram was our inaugural President-inner wheel club and Mrs. Chandrika Nagaraj was our inaugural Secretary-Inner wheel laid strong foundation with 19 other founder members. Today we are 25 members in numbers with top position. From then to now we completed 25 successful years. Our establishment successfully took many project and social activity, we had many and good president along with active members. In 2011 under our sponsorship we established Tarikere Innerwheel club.









Madagadha kere 






Amrutha pura temple