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About our place

PUTTUR is a town in Dakshina kannada. It is known that in the olden days pearls were found naturally in the lakes of the town
                 In kannada Pearl means muttu and ooru means village hence this was Muttur and later known as PUTTUR

1. SHREE MAHALINGESHWARA TEMPLE: This was constructed in twelth century,every year we have the car festival in April celebrated with all rituals. Lots of devotees come here from all over India 

2. BEERAMALE HILLS: This is tourist spot admist nature,we have T.V relay station, Library, Auditorium and Saalumara Thimakka Vrikshodyana.

3. BALAVANA: Is a place where children spend their free time playing in the park,swimming pool etc. This is built in 
memory of our renowned poet JNANAPEETA AWARDEE Dr. K. SHIVARAM KARANTH.

About Club

 IWC PUTTUR was formed in the year 1975 by the Rotary club Puttur. We have an history of 46 years. Community service, Public image and friendship is our motto. We are also running a Balawadi.
                     Puttur IWC is the parent club for Sullia IWC. Our permanent projects are Bus Shelter,Blood donation camp,Donation to orphanage,Vanamahostva,Education funds etc.


Presidents and Secretary

Late Krishna  Bai (1975-76).
Revathi Adyanthaya (1975-76)

Late Krishna  Bai (1976-77)
Sara Kasthuri  Rangan(1976-77)

Late Dr.Nalini.(1977-78)
Kaveri Bhat.(1977-78)

Pushpa K.P(1978-79)
Kamala G.Nayak(1978-79)

Pushpalatha  N.Prabhu(1979-80)
Savithri Bhat.(1979-80)

Leelavathy Acharya(1980-81) 
Pushpa  K.P(1980-81) 

Dr Malathi  Prasad(1981-82)
Late Matilda D'Souza(1981-82)

Late Kaveri  Bhat(1982-83)
Late Dr.Nalini Rai(1982-83)

Parvathi Bhat(1983-84)
Late Pushpalatha  N.Prabhu(1983-84)

Pushpa  K.P(1984-85)
Late Krishna  Bhai(1984-85)

P Ramaa Bhat(1985-86)
Kamala G.Nayak.(1985-86)

Violet  D' Souza (1986-87)
Pushpalatha  N.Prabhu .(1986-87)


Meera  Navin  Rai(1987-88)
Late Dr.Nalini  Rai(1987-88)

Dr.Nalini Rai(1988-89)
Shobha  G.Bhat(1988-89)

Veena kolathaya (1989-90)
Meera  Navin  Rai (1989-90)

Late Pushpalatha N Prabhu(1990-91)
Vidya R.Gowri(1990-91)

Late Pushpalatha  N.Prabhu(1991-92)
Raji Balram(1991-92)

Vidya Gowri(1992-93)
Raji Balram(1992-93)

Raji  Balram(1993-94)
Radhika  G. Shenoy (1993-94)

Dr.Nanditha S.Rao(1994-95)
Radhika  G.Shenoy(1994-95)

Taramathi  G.Nayak(1995-96)
PUSHPA  K.P(1995-96)

Late Vasanthi  R. Nayak(1996-97)
Pushpa  K.P(1996-97)

Naveena  Rai(1997-98)
Manjula  Bhaskar(1997-98)

Sushma Jain(1998-99)
Dr.Nanditha srikanth Rao(1998-99)

Pushpalatha N.Prabhu(1999-2000)
Pramila  Pradeep Rao(1999-2000)

Vjjayalaxmi R Shenoy.(2000-01)
Padma  Acharya.(2000-01)

Pramila  Pradeep Rao(2001-02)
Savithri  Borkar(2001-02)

Manjula  Bhaskar(2002-03)
Dr.Nayana Bhat(2002-03)

Padma  Acharya(2003-04)
Pushpa  kedilaya(2003-04)

Veena kolathaya(2004-05)
Ramaa  Prabhakar(2004-05)

Kavitha  ponnappa(2005-06)
Dr.Nanditha  Rao(2005-06)

Pramila Rao(2007-08)
Vijayalaxmi  shenoy(2007-08)

Shobha  Kolathaya (2008-09)
Sowmya  maiyya(2008-09)

Eswari  Gopal Krishna(2009-10)
Vijayalaxmi  R.shenoy(2009-10)

Veena kolathaya(2010-11)
Vidya  R Gowri(2010-11)

Asha  Bhat(2011-12)
Vidya  R Gowri.(2011-12)

Pushpa K.P.(2012-13)
Vijayalaxmi  R.shenoy (2012-13)

Ramaa  Prabhakar(2013-2014)
Seema  Nagaraj(2013-2014)

Senorita  Anand (2014-15)
Tiny  Deepak (2014-15)

Shankari  Bhat(2015-16)
Vijayalaxmi  R shenoy(2015-16)

Lalitha  Bhat(2016-17)
Tiny  Deepak(2016-17)

Lalitha  Bhat(2017-18)
Asha Bhat(2017-18)

Pushpa  kedilaya(2018-19)
Shobha  kolathaya(2018-19)

Sahana  Bhavin(2019-20)
Vijayalaxmi  R shenoy(2019-20)

Seema Nagaraj(2020- 21) 
Ashwini  Muliya(2020- 21) 

Veena  B.K(2021-22)
Rajeshwari  Acharya(2021-22)