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About Our Place

Known as the 'Temple City', Udupi is famous for Krishna temple. It is a 13th century Mata established by saint Madhvacharya, founder of Dhvaitha philosophy. Krishna Matha is surrounded by the Ashta (eight) Matas which serve ShriKrishna one after another every two years known as Paryaya. The temple's celebration of Paryayothsava, Krishnashtami, Vitlapindi, is awe-inspiring. Devotees from all over the world visit the temple throughout the year. 

As a culturally rich place, it has given birth to many culture-special events and folk arts with their peculiar local flavor. The enthralling art Yakshagana is a very well-known art form from Udupi.

Excelling in the field of Banking service, Udupi has also become a pioneer of private educational institutions; MAHE, Manipal, has been attracting students from around the globe, and can be rightly called as a Mini-World.

The city serves delicious cuisine, especially vegetarian and seafood. In fact, Udupi Hotels have spread all over the world stealing hearts of people. 

Comprising all these rich factors along with the scenic beauty of its own, having greenery all around and the very famous Malpe beach on the west, Udupi attracts tourism too.

About Club

Inner Wheel Club Udupi was blessed to be inaugurated at the hands of Ms Geeta Kuttappa the then chairman of Inner Wheel District 318 on the auspicious day of the birthday of Paul Harris April 19th the parent Club Rotary Udupi.  Ann Rajalakshmi D Shetty took up as the Charter President and Ann Vidya Shenoy was the Charter Secretary. The club got the Charter on 11th November 1994 presented at the hands of the District Chairman Usha Alexander.  It was nurtured by 14 enterprising ladies. 
1999-2000  ‘Maithriyee’ the District Rally was hosted by IWC Udupi  District Chairman Vimala Radhakrishna and  President of the club Meera Shenoy 
2006-07 Smt Rajalaxmi D Shetty, Our Charter President lead our District as District Chariman. 
2006-07 District conference was hosted by IWC Udupi. Presidentship of Sapna Suresh
A water purifying unit on Malpe Beach was constructed for facilitating availability of drinking water to tourists by the Chairman Rajalakshmi D Shetty  as a District Project.
2008-09  Got a park ‘Chinara Udyana’ developed at Ambalpady for the benefit of the public at the cost of Rs 3 lacs, to be maintained by I W C Udupi under the Presidentship of Deepa Bhandary.  
2012-13   43rd District Assembly ‘Sneha Sinchana’ District Chairman Suma Krishna hosted by IW Udupi Presidentship of  Nirmala Prabhakar
2019-20 Golden Jubilee celebration of IWD 318 and District conference ‘Aurum’ - District Chairman Anuradha Nandakumar of Inner Wheel District 318 hosted by I W C Udupi.  Presidentship of Vaishnavi Acharya
2019 -2020   Inner Wheel School painted and inaugurated at Kuntady village, President Vaishnavi Acharya.
A shelter for passengers to rest constructed on the Railway Station under the banner name of Inner Wheel Udupi under the Presidentship of Vaishnavi Acharya
Celebrated the Silver jubilee of the club under the Presidentship of Vaishnavi Acharya.

In 2020-2021  Donated COVID 19 related medicine and surgical equipment’s to the District Govt Hospital worth Rs. 45,000/ - a District Project  - District Chairman Varija Jagadeesh under the Presidentship of Malathi Tantri.