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About Our Place

Nestled in the laps of western Ghats, Kalasa is a beautiful town located on the banks of Bhadra.

'  Kalasa' is so named because, this little town looks like a kalasha meaning a 'water pot' from aerial view. It is surrounded by the 'Pancha Theerthas'.

1. The Vasistha Theertha, dedicted to the sage Vasistha

2. Naga Theertha, dedicated to the Snake god 

3. Koti Theertha, a pilgrimage here is believed to equate visiting 10 million holy waters 

4. The Rudra Theertha dedicated to Lord Rudra ,Amba theertha, dedicated to Goddess Parvathi.

Each of these places has a story to tell from the Mythology.

Kalasa is also known as Dakshina Kashi, as it is home to Lord Kalseshwara ,with a beautiful temple with intricate carvings n wall murals of Mythological stories.

    It is located  within 8kms from Horanadu,the abode of shri Annapoorneshwari.

Agriculture being the main source of income,tourism is also catching up and where are a number of homestays situated on the banks of river or in estates amid lush greenery.