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About Place

Mysuru  is one of South India's most enchanting cities, famed for its glittering royal heritage and magnificent monuments and buildings. Its World Heritage–listed palace brings most travelers here, but Mysuru is also rich in tradition, with a deeply atmospheric bazaar district replete with spice stores and incense stalls. Ashtanga yoga is another added charm and there are several acclaimed schools that attract visitoors from across the globe.

About Club

Our Club Inner Wheel Club of Mysore Gold was formed on 25th Oct 2018 by then chairman Dr.Sarika Prasad and IIW member Gabriele Schruempf from Austria.Our club shares a 
Unique feature that it is independent of any rotary club and is first of its kind in our district 318.
The Charter members of this club are very fortunate to be have recognized to be the members of 
such an unique club. 
We have involved ourselves in projects:
1Creating Awareness of importance of women in social wellbeing by putting up a street play 
with the assistance of artists from Rangayana.
2. A unique concept of “ondu mushti akki” was launched for the public, where each person was 
supposed to keep aside a mushti aside every day , for a month and at the end of month, this was 
collected from everybody and distributed the needy. We have also been of help to the needy in 
the pandemic by distributing food kits, masks and sanitizers.
3. The club has arranged a feast of gombe hubba to promote the culture of our Mysuru city by 
arranging a competition for public of mysuru and other cities at large.
. In promotion of girl education , we had a wall of mathru mandala painted by the members 
about the importance of girl education. And have contributed fees towards few girl students.
5. Have created awareness among the public about covid appropriate behavior.
6. Have worked towards the awareness about protecting the earth and environment.
Hence being a member of this great oraganisation is very satisfying and fullfiling.