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Association President Message


Association President Message

Preethi Gugani Preethi Gugani

“Just as a spring breeze awakens tender new shoots of green, sincere encouragement can thaw a frozen heart and instill courage. It is the most powerful means to rejuvenate the human spirit.” —Daisaku Ikeda

Dear District Leader

Hearty Congratulations for taking up the reigns as CENTENNIAL CHAIRMAN of your esteemed District for this milestone year 2023-24.

Accept my warm wishes as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of your highest office at district level. This year, let us challenge ourselves to do more such projects and programs that have national reach and impact.

“डर मुझेभी लगा फांसला देख कर, पर मैंबढ़ता गया रास्ता देख कर,

खुद ब खुद मेरेनज़दीक आती गई मेरी मंिज़ल मेरा हौंसला देख कर।”

A pyramid isn’t built from the top down. The apex is attained only by laying strong foundation stones, one by one. The same is true of achieving a lofty objective. The crucial thing is to lay the first stone or to take the first step….I feel delighted to add to the foundation of your lofty objectives a sincere prayer & blessings of Lord Ganesha - To give you a clear & concise beginning illuminating your path of service above self

वक्र तुंड महाकाय, सूयर्कोिट समप्रभ:।

िनिवर्घ्नंकुरुमेदेव शुभ कायेर्षुसवर्दा

My Dear Champion, lead with Centennial vision & goals and remember that one is courage & other is focus which we have to continue living with to be victorious & happy. Let’s build a smart Inner Wheel by Tech-Empowering each member, Ignite Literacy as Inner Wheel India Mission and with wings of Education Empower Girls to Enrich our Nation. Courage, strength and wisdom wells up in those who consciously take on everything as the protagonist and achieve their goals. Unlimited wisdom and ardent resolve arise from a sense of responsibility.

Let us all be the Trailblazers of peace & growth in our society and make the torch of Inner Wheel shine bright with your star performance this year. Wish you a stupendous year shining with your brilliant achievements. Best wishes & Regards