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IIW President Profile

Trish Douglas

Trish Douglas

IIW President(GB&I), 20223-2024

As a successful hotelier for over 30 years, I would describe myself as a people person with a caring attitude. My 34 years membership of Inner Wheel have taught me how important these qualities are. Ilead from the front yet firmly believe in teamwork in Inner Wheel as in business.

Inner Wheel has given me many positive experiences, especially through my involvement in International Service - my absolute passion. I was delighted to be invited to join the Committee organising the new IIW Covid 19 Charity. If I had the honour of serving as your Vice President, I would use all this experience for the advancement of Inner Wheel.

The unprecedented worldwide pandemic with its many restrictions has only served to underline how important our ideals of personal service are.

Working together in friendship and with International Understanding we have, through the dedication, kindness and generosity of members proved that Together We Can.

Indeed, our first virtual International Inner Wheel Convention demonstrated our commitment to Lead the Change, encouraging us to embrace the three-year social project for the empowerment of women and girls everywhere, Strong Women, Stronger World.

In 1924, 27 forward thinking, determined, dedicated ladies wishing to serve, were inspired to found our great organisation. With that same determination, dedication and ambition I will be inspired to pick up the baton and move resolutely towards an inviting new century of Inner Wheel.