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Chairman Message


Poornima Ravi

My dear friends,

It is a great privilege and honour to lead  Inner Wheel Dist 318 during this
Centennial Inner wheel year 2023-24, I accept this wonderful  opportunity
with humility. Let me seek your blessings,support and cooperation always.

“ If we have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants! ”  Let me recognize
and  appreciate the efforts of all our predecessors and senior members who have taken
our District to greater heights.Let us sincerely do our best to carry on the good work.

IIW President Trish Douglas has given us a very apt theme “Shine a light”,
Our Association President Preeti Gugnani’s goals “TRAILBLAZER”  are our focus areas
for this special year .

Striving  to  empower others or engage in service activities  is a medium for our self growth, to empower ourselves to become  better human beings. Inner Wheel being the largest women’s organization in the world can have a major impact on the community.

Like  “Maa Shakthi” gifted with all the strength, courage and power in Indian mythology,  we
as  capable women can collectively move mountains !

Friends, let us celebrate this Centennial year with positive thoughts and positive actions and meaningful projects for the benefit of our community at large.  Enjoy Inner Wheel !

Wish you all a beautiful  Centennial year 2023-24!!!

Poornima Ravi,
District Chairman 23-24