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Inner Wheel Movement in India

The Inner Wheel Movement which went global in 1931 penetrated into India in the year 1955 with the formation of the First Club in India ‘ The Inner Wheel Club Of Ahemedabad’in Gujarat, with Mrs. Minnie Camma as its President.

The first District was born in India in the year 1965 under the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland with Mrs. Asma Mascati as the founder chairman. The District at first was numbered 75 and later took the number 305.1966 saw the birth of second District in India which was District 314 with Mrs. Purviz Banarjee as its District Chairman. The third District 317 was formed in 1968 in the old Mysore State with Mrs. Malathi R. Rao as the chairman and the fourth District was formed in the same year in Agra with Mrs. Meher Framjee as the District Chairman.

When Mrs. Lavender Weightman, the first International IIWPresident , visited India in December 1968 she conveyed the idea of forming a National Council for Inner Wheel Clubs in India. The seeds of the National Council were sown and Dr. Malathi Rana of Inner Wheel Club of Navasari was the first to be appointed as IIW Representative. The first National council meeting was held at Bombay. Four Districts represented the meeting where the constitution was framed.

In Febrauary 1976 it was conveyed to International Inner Wheel that Districts in st India were genuinely interested in forming an Association. On 1 July 1976 The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs In India And Sri Lanka was formed and Mrs.Raksha Mehta was unanimously elected as the Association President and Mrs Mano Baktavatsalam as the Association Secretary.

The first Association Conference was held in Mumbai in 1977. As years passed by Inner Wheel Movement in India grew stronger with the expansion of members, clubs and Districts. Bifurcation took place as per division in Rotary. In July 1985 Sri lanka separated out and the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India was formed.




Memorable Events in Association of IW clubs in India

1955 : The First Club in India, Inner Wheel Club Of Ahmadabad was formed with
Mrs.Minnie Camma as Charter President.
1965 : The first Inner Wheel District in India was formed.The District at first was
numbered District 75 with Mrs.Asma Mascati as founder Chairman.
1968 : Mrs.Malathi Rana was appointed as the First IIWRepresentative.
1976 : The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and Srikanka was formed.Mrs.
Raksha Mehta was the First President of the Association.
1977 : The First Conference of the Association was held in Bombay.
1985 : Srilanka (Dist-322) and Bangladesh (Dist328) were delinked from the
Association and was named Association of Inner Wheel Clubs In India.
1986 : Mrs Minna Kapur was the First Indian to hold the post of International Inner
Wheel President.
1993 : Inner Wheel Club of Port Blair is the First Club in the Union Territory of
Andaman and Nicobar Islands added to the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in