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District 318 has been through various evolutionary stages to reach its present status. The 3 rd
District to be established in India in 1967-68, this District took its birth as District 317 in the Old
Mysore State with Mrs.Malathi Ramakrishna Rao, as the founder Chairman. Then came to
existence the present District 318. As the Inner Wheel Movement picked up momentum, its
growth necessitated further bifurcation of District in 1977, District 319 was formed.

Inner Wheel District 318 boasts of a rich and colourful history. The District has contributed two
Association Presidents in PDC Mrs.Prema G. Ullal in the year 1978-79 and PDC Mrs.Sheila
Irani in the year 1980-81; two Association Treasurers in PDC Mrs.Sheila Irani in the year 1977-
78 and PDC Mrs.Mohana Chakrapani in the year 1978-79; and more recently PDC Mrs.Mitra
Prabhu as Association Secretary in the year 2011-12.

District 318 now has 40 Inner Wheel Clubs in 8 revenue districts of South Karnataka namely –
Chamarajanagara, Chikmagluru, Hassan, Kodagu, Dakshina Kannada, Mysuru, Shivamogga,
Udupi. In the beginning there were just 3 IWCs. It is Golden Jubilee year for our first Club,
IWC Mysore. By the year 1991-92 there were 15 IWCs having 345 members. There are 40
IWCs with 1083 members in the year 2014-15. We may observe during first 2 decades, plus or
minus 15 IWCs would be newly formed every year. In the next 2 decades, in some years the
number of new Clubs would be high. In recent times, one or two Clubs are formed, but number
of members, keep increasing in the existing Clubs. It’s a very good sign to note that some IWCs
have re-opened too!

District 318 measures 450 kilometers from IWC Byndoor in the North to IWC Chamarajanagar
in the South and 250 kilometers from IWC Mangalore in the West to IWC Arsikere in the East.
To over come the geographical distances, earlier it was divided into 3 zones to conduct annual
event, District Rally. Then it was divided into 2 zones. But now with better access roads,
District Rally is conducted in one place and members come from all over. But as of now
Orientation Programs, are conducted every year, in 3 zones. Many such experiments in
administration have been carried out by creative District Chairmen.

The much awaited District events are District Assembly, District Rally when we also conduct the
Pulse Polio Orientation or TEACH program from henceforth and thirdly District Conference.
The ruling Association President is invited for the District Assembly when the new District
Chairman is installed by her, which happens most of the time in the month of July. In initial
years of District 318, ruling Association President would come as Chief Guest during our
District Conferences. District Conference of 318 is usually held in month of December, though
earlier it would be held in January alongwith Rotary Conference. Couple of times we have had
International Inner Wheel President in our District too. Apart from which, zone-wise, we do
celebrate World Friendship Day, ISO Meet and International Inner Wheel Day. We bring out a
District Directory and a District Souvenir every year apart from Chairman bringing out a
Newsletter. This year 2015-16, on Sunday, 12 th July, during our District Assembly, we are
bringing out the book of History of District 318 in its basic form.